When Jyotish Gemstones Speak to Me

One of the most interesting skills I have developed over the past 10 years as an astrological gemstone advisor is the ability to sense which gemstones will be the most suitable for which people. I have no doubt at this point in my career that powerful Jyotish gemstones possess a unique form of consciousness, personality even, with distinct preferences as to who their… Read More When Jyotish Gemstones Speak to Me

How to Tell if Your Gemstones are Working

Jyotish gemstones impact our karma in a range of ways. Where you are at, karmically and consciously, when you first begin wearing your gemstone will affect the results you experience with it both immediately and over time.  Gemstones amplify the energy of their corresponding planets. This means that they will shine light on the houses/signs the gemstone planet rules in your… Read More How to Tell if Your Gemstones are Working

Red Coral for Mars: Properties and Benefits

Red coral, according to Vedic Astrology, is the primary gemstone for Mars. It is said to be warming and invigorating. Our red coral customers report an increase in courage, vitality, and motivation when the gemstone is properly prescribed and worn according to Jyotish criteria. Who should wear red coral? Strengthening Mars with red coral can be of… Read More Red Coral for Mars: Properties and Benefits

Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter: Properties, Benefits & Substitutes

One of the most commonly sold stones at Astrological Gem is the unheated yellow sapphire, which our customers buy to strengthen Jupiter in their Vedic astrological birth chart. Jupiter is considered the most benevolent planet according to Vedic Astrology. It represents enlightenment, generosity, happiness, and abundance. When properly prescribed, these are the qualities that are enlivened when a top quality… Read More Yellow Sapphire for Jupiter: Properties, Benefits & Substitutes

Benefits & Properties of Libra Gemstones

Libra ascendants can be fairly easy to spot. Warm, charismatic, open and generous, they’re often either the life of the party or the gracious host making sure everyone is having a great time. They’re naturally agreeable, have a refined eye, and are not afraid to express their sincere appreciation for the beautiful things and people in their… Read More Benefits & Properties of Libra Gemstones

The Best Gemstones for Every Vedic Sign

In this article, we will discuss the best gemstones for each sign to wear in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). Before we begin, though, let’s review the five most important rules of Jyotish Gemstone Recommendation: 1.) Strengthen your most auspicious planets first. With some exceptions, one’s most auspicious planets are usually the rulers of the trikona (1st, 5th, and 9th)… Read More The Best Gemstones for Every Vedic Sign

Powerful Rahu & Ketu Gemstones: Benefits & Side Effects

There are two primary methods of gemstone recommendation in Vedic Gemology: wear gemstones for your auspicious/benefic planets, to produce auspicious/benefic results, or wear gemstones for your malefic and troublesome planets, to try to eradicate their malefic/troublesome influences.  At Astrological Gem International, years of client research has demonstrated to us that Vedic gemstones always behave as their corresponding planets do. This means that amplifying the energy… Read More Powerful Rahu & Ketu Gemstones: Benefits & Side Effects

Size doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

Almost every day, I receive a request for a very large Jyotish gemstone, as many astrologers believe that bigger gems automatically translate to an increase in benefits for the wearer. Browsing through my inbox, here are the size requests I’ve gotten in the past week: 3-carat diamond 4-carat emerald 9-carat white sapphire 12-carat red coral 10-carat unheated Burmese ruby… Read More Size doesn’t matter as much as you think it does.

Blue Sapphire Effects & Benefits

By Tiffany April Raines, Certified Gemstone Advisor of Astrological Gem International Over the years, I’ve noticed that our clients tend to purchase Saturn gemstones for one of two reasons: some wish to strengthen the presence of Saturn in their lives, and some wish to appease or minimize Saturn’s difficult and heavy influence upon them. If it’s appropriate and beneficial to do so, I like… Read More Blue Sapphire Effects & Benefits