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I am completely blown away with the extraordinary results I’ve received from wearing the gems I have purchased from you. In addition to being exquisitely beautiful, they are very powerful in their immediate transformative effect.

Within 30 seconds of putting on the pearl I had bought to improve the quality of my home environment, I received a call that a home I had been wanting for two years was suddenly available to me. I call that results!

Since then, I have bought a gorgeous ruby and only a few weeks later secured a major book contract. I’m also thrilled with the benefits I’m already experiencing from the yellow sapphire that I’ve had only a short time. Jay, I’m so grateful that you are a gifted gemologist with a depth of knowledge, a great eye and a pure heart to select the most refined and exceptional gems for your clients.

Marci Shimoff (USA)
featured teacher in The Secret
#1 NY Times bestselling author
Chicken Soup for the Woman’s
Soul Happy for No Reason
Dear Jay and Company,
Thank you for the gorgeous yellow sapphire you sold me about a year ago. Your staff was very helpful at guiding me to find just what I wanted in a gemstone and then just what I wanted with a setting. Since wearing the yellow sapphire ring my business has almost doubled. Efforts to grow my business for the previous several years produced minimal returns. Now people are contacting me with little marketing effort on my part. I have waited a year to send you this note because I wondered if my business was going through one of its occasional spikes. The is not the case. The increase has proved long lasting. I love my work and it feels so good to be busy.The increase in business has had positive ramifications in my home life and my self esteem. Thank you again for all you do.
Jim Damman (USA)
Acupuncture and Zero Balancing, LLC
I am just writing to let you know that we were finally able to clear the ring from customs yesterday. Zerrin, my fiance, had to come also, so it ruined the surprise, but nevermind!! The ring is simply breathtaking!! Zerrin couldn’t wait and immediately opened the parcel up and started wearing it, it was a perfect fit. She is absolutely thrilled about her wedding present!! All of you at Astrological Gem have done a wonderful job, the finished product is more than either of us could ever wish for, thank you all very much!! Thank you very much once again Hilary for all your help and I look forward to doing business with you again in the near future!! Send my warmest regards to everyone at Astrological Gem, both Zerrin and I are deeply grateful for your excellent customer service and expertise. Kindest Regards.
A.R. (Turkey)
I have just received my ring and all I can say is WOW! My expectations have been truly surpassed and I must say a big THANK YOU. It was great to deal with you guys. God bless you both and the members of your company. My wife will finalize her selection in the next few days and I will revert to you. Kindest regards.
South Africa
I’m in love with this sweet little ruby. I’m so happy to have it! And the pearl, as well, is luminous and full of wonderful energy. Thank you for providing them and making them into lovely pieces to wear.
(Chicago, IL)
I received the moonstone pendant today and I love its beautiful simplicity. It also feels’ very good. I’ll begin wearing it on Monday and will update you with the results. Thanks for spending so much time with me describing the stones and offering so many options. You’ll hear from me again.
(Tallahassee, FL)
I would like to say that when Carmen wears her pearl she seems to be more easily able to make emotional decisions without tearing up and worrying. I continue to feel a sense of joyful anticipation since wearing my emerald.
(Indianapolis, IN)
The Blue Sapphire ring has arrived and it is truly beautiful. I can’t wait to put it on this Saturday. Thanks so much for your help in obtaining the gems. The diamonds and the sapphire complement each other beautifully.

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