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6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Dear Sir,
    Please suggest suitable gems for stability & success in Professional and personal areas .
    DOB 9th May 1968
    Time of Birth 01.10 AM
    Place of Birth : New Delhi , India

    Best regards
    Manoj Sharma


  2. Hi,
    I needed some clarification on which hand (left or right) fingers are best suited for wearing gemstomes and why? Can you please advise?


    1. Hello Deepak, there are different schools of thought on which hand is best to wear Vedic gemstones. Traditionally, the left hand corresponds to the female physiology in Ayurveda and the right hand corresponds to the male physiology. The left is associated with yin/receiving energy. The right is associated with yang/manifesting energy. Wearing gems on the left hand appears to be good for receiving planetary energy into the physiology, which would be good if gems are being worn for healing purposes, for example. Wearing gems on the right hand appears to be good for increasing personal empowerment and productivity. I hope that helps!


  3. Hello Astrological Gem team!

    I have a question (forgive me if I’ve overlooked a post answering this already);

    I have a beautiful, vivid green zircon that weighs 5,21ct, and is of very good clarity and quality. I have had it examined twice, and it appears to not have been treated in any way. The gemologist also noted that it exhibits a phenomenon known as metamictization; part of the crystal structure has actually been rendered amorphous due to traces of very minute traces decaying uranium, but has interestingly not affected the optical properties of the stone. I’m a bit of a mineral/gem fanatic, the science of which fascinates me, but I’m new to gemological/Vedic astrology.

    Would the above stone serve as a good substitute for an emerald for intent and purpose? Does zircon have any other significance in Vedic astrology? Would a peridot perhaps be better for use in a ring?

    I appreciate your time and attention!

    All the best,



    1. Hi Sergio, it sounds like an interesting gem! You can try wearing it to see if you get an increase in mental clarity, communication ability, and business success. Top quality emerald is generally the best for strengthening Mercury in Jyotish but there is no harm in trying things out for science. 🙂 Thanks!


  4. I am a scorpio ascendant who never knew that diamonds were not suitable. Later I realized that diamonds often left me angry and led to many conflicts. I would frequently become enraged with family and friends. A diamond engagement ring made things much worse.
    I personally love aquamarines because of the color. Is wearing it favorable?


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