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We know through analytics that many people visit our website, look at the prices of our astrological gemstones, and bounce after a couple of seconds. Many of these visitors probably think that our inventory is wildly overpriced. I certainly get this feedback all the time from people who contact me

Synthetic stones are rising in popularity as affordable, high quality gems grow increasingly hard to find. Several dealers sell lab grown gemstones for Jyotish, but do they really work? It would be wonderful if we could cut corners and find a way to get the same potent results with synthetic

It’s human nature to want definitive answers on abstract questions, especially when talking about esoteric concepts like Vedic Gemology. But anybody who tries to ask me if a Jyotish gemstone is “100% good” or “100% bad” for them will find that I never answer black and white questions, no matter

Mercury Retrograde is one of the most popular (and most dreaded) planetary transits, regularly talked about in both Western and Vedic Astrology. My guess is that people notice it more than other transits because it affects our vehicles, gadgets, travel plans, computers, communication, and mental states – things that are

My job as a Vedic Gemologist keeps me connected to insightful people from all over the world. I’m always listening to and learning about our collective spiritual experiences through the work I do for Astrological Gem. If there’s one thing I think my clients would all like to tell each

If you’ve ever asked me to sort out the conflicting information you’ve been given about Jyotish gemstones, you’ve likely heard me say the following thing. In fact, I say it so often, and it’s so important, I’m going to put it in really big text today: If you ask 10

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