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A “dasha” is a planetary period in Vedic Astrology. Throughout our lives we go through various cycles ruled by the planets of our Jyotish charts. There are mahadashas (main periods) and antardashas (sub-periods) and they behave somewhat like the chapters of a book. Whatever planet is ruling a dasha will offer

The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show is the largest of its kind in the United States, hosting over 4,000 vendors in several locations throughout the city every February. The two most prestigious shows we visit are not open to the general public, requiring advanced approval and identity verification to be

I trust it’s evident that I love what I do. Connecting people with top-quality astrological gemstones is a unique and rewarding line of work. One of the not-so-fun parts of my job, however, is correcting false information about our customer’s purchases coming from well-meaning “experts” in the gemstone and jewelry

A muhurta is a specific date and time selected by a Vedic Astrologer to maximize the auspiciousness of an event. Muhurtas can be used for buying homes and vehicles, for signing business contracts, and even for when you first begin wearing your astrological gemstone. Some people like to get a

(Note: This article is about testing gemstones for personal compatibility. Laboratory testing is a discussion we’ll save for another day.) We offer everyone in the United States the option to evaluate a gemstone (or two) in person before they make a purchase. This allows our customers to be certain they

Astrological gemstones are a powerful Vedic remedy as long as they’re the proper quality and ethically sourced. That said, their potency and purity can be further enhanced by blessing, clearing, and activating them. Below is a review of how we cleanse and charge our Jyotish gemstone inventory as well as

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