Is This Gemstone Good or Bad For Me?

It’s human nature to want definitive answers on abstract questions, especially when talking about esoteric concepts like Vedic Gemology. But anybody who tries to ask me if a Jyotish gemstone is “100% good” or “100% bad” for them will find that I never answer black and white questions, no matter how many times I’m pressed to do so. I’m writing this article in response to this inquiry since it comes up a lot. 

My opinion is that planets are not inherently good or bad. Karma isn’t inherently good or bad. Nothing in the entire universe is inherently good or bad. What we do know is that some planetary influences are more supportive, uplifting, and encouraging than others. This is what we try to focus on. Our goal is to sell people gems that are as helpful and auspicious as possible.

Any Vedic astrologer or gemstone dealer who tries to offer you karmic guarantees does not respect the mysterious and undefinable nature of the cosmic forces at play within our lives.

Another interesting thing, when reflecting on “good” and “bad,” is that difficult periods often lead to the most significant growth. Many people say that if it weren’t for the greatest hardships they’ve ever endured, they wouldn’t be who they are today. This is a great example of how things often have a different inherent value than what we assign from our limited, temporary perspectives.

All of that said, we definitely don’t want people to experience challenging results with their gems! But sometimes they will take people on a journey to that unleashes their ultimate potential and it’s all part of the process. We certainly hope that gems will produce rewardable and enjoyable results, so we do our best to help people delineate between “this is hard, but it’s good and important for me” and “this is hard, I’m clearly not on the right track.” The difference between these two outcomes is subtle but significant. 

Here’s the general rule of thumb to follow when wondering if a gem is going to be helpful or unhelpful for you:

If a planet is auspicious for your chart, and well-placed, the results of the gemstone will likely be simple and beneficial.

If a planet is auspicious for your chart, but heavily afflicted or in an auspicious house, the results of the gemstone will likely lead to the best possible outcome for you – but it may be a bit of a journey in order to get there. You’re going to be neutralizing a lot of karma in a short period of time.

If a planet is inauspicious for your chart, strengthening it with gemstones will lead to unsupportive results. This ought to be avoided whenever possible. 

So, will a gemstone be good or bad for you? Let’s let go of that question and focus instead on your intentions for wearing a Jyotish gemstone in the first place. Once we know exactly why you’re making the investment, we can lead you to the gem that will give you the highest likelihood of great results.

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