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Graduate Gemologist and Inventory Manager at Astrological Gem. I work with jewelry designers to create unique pieces for our customers.

Tarah Sands, Inventory Manager, Astrological Gem International There are few things as exciting as a gemstone buying trip. Anyone who works in a wholesale industry will understand what I mean, and for those of you who don’t, let me explain. Imagine walking into your favorite store – only instead of

Anyone who has worn jewelry for any length of time understands that there is a natural wear-and-tear process it will undergo. Over time the metal doesn’t look as shiny, the stone starts to look a little less dazzling, and the edges of the prongs or bezels will look a little

When shopping for an astrological gemstone, it’s helpful to understand the industry terminology used to describe the gem. Shape and cut are frequently referred to when assessing individual gemstones in the trade. The shape of a gem is usually pretty easy to identify. Standard shapes are Round, Oval, Rectangular, Square,

Ancient Vedic texts assign gems a specific metal for obtaining the best and most harmonious planetary results. Occasionally an astrologer will recommend something different than these guidelines based on a specific birth chart and that recommendation is the most important one to follow. Does this mean that a gem set in

Yellow Diamonds are occasionally recommended as a remedy for Vedic Astrology. Understanding Yellow Diamonds means understanding the different saturation levels of yellow. The yellow color is caused by traces of nitrogen replacing carbon atoms in the molecular structure of the stone. The more nitrogen in the structure, the more vibrant

As one of the oldest forms of jewelry, pearls have been held in reverence and esteem in almost every historical culture. Ancient Vedic text speaks of pearl as the “daughter of the moon,” born in the earth’s waters. Natural pearls used to be widely traded, but because of climate and

Selecting emeralds is hard. At Astrological Gem, we have found that it is by far the most difficult purchase of any Vedic gemstone. Becoming an expert on selecting these stones is imperative to our business and has only been achieved through examination of not hundreds but thousands of stones from

Understanding how to care for your astrological gem is an important question that we get frequently. Every type of gemstone has different chemical and physical properties that make caring for them unique. Understanding the factors that make up a gemstone will help to ensure the quality and longevity of your

Pearls are organic material, made of calcium carbonate just like our teeth and fingernails. This means they are easily damaged when exposed to harsh temperatures, chemicals, and more. Astrological Gem recommends the following guidelines to give your pearls a long and radiant life: Don’t store your pearl with other jewelry,

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