What Metal to Wear with my Astrological Gemstone

Ancient Vedic texts assign gems a specific metal for obtaining the best and most harmonious planetary results. Occasionally an astrologer will recommend something different than these guidelines based on a specific birth chart and that recommendation is the most important one to follow.

Does this mean that a gem set in the wrong metal will not work? No. A gem set in a different metal is the same as a gemstone set in no metal. It does not diminish the effects of the stone at all. Having it set in the correct metal merely enhances the overall vibrations of the gem and allows the energy to be transferred to the wearer in the sweetest manner.

Is using white gold the same as using yellow gold? In some respects it is. No matter what the karat of gold, 10K, 14K, 18K, etc., the gold has the same amount of actual gold content so it doesn’t matter whether it is white or yellow. Venus and the Moon are represented by white so Venus is most commonly set in white gold while the secondary metal for the moon would be white gold. The same can be said about Jupiter and yellow gold.

What Karat of gold should I use for my gems? We don’t recommend using less than 14K gold because it should always be at least 50% gold. Generally, the higher the karat the better but when you get higher than 18K the gold is very soft and not usually able to withstand daily wear without considerable maintenance over time.

Platinum is a metal that was not well known when the ancient texts were written so there is no direct commentary on its effects.

Uparatnas (secondary gemstones) follow the same recommendations as their primary planets. All Uparatnas can be set in silver with positive effects.

PlanetPrimary GemstonePrimary Metal
VenusDiamondGold (White is generally considered best)
MarsRed CoralGold
JupiterYellow SapphireGold (Yellow is generally considered best)
SaturnBlue SapphireSilver
RahuHessoniteGold or Silver
KetuCat’s Eye ChrysoberylGold or Silver

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