Benefits & Properties of Libra Gemstones

Libra ascendants can be fairly easy to spot. Warm, charismatic, open and generous, they’re often either the life of the party or the gracious host making sure everyone is having a great time. They’re naturally agreeable, have a refined eye, and are not afraid to express their sincere appreciation for the beautiful things and people in their lives. The sweet, creative, aesthetic appeal of Venus radiates naturally from the eyes and hearts of many Libras. They tend to love with great intensity.

Vedic Astrologers most commonly prescribe diamonds, emeralds, and blue sapphires for this sign.

Diamond/White Sapphire: Under virtually all circumstances, the Libra ascendant can benefit from a diamond, to strengthen Venus, their ruling planet. White sapphires are also an extremely powerful Venus gemstone; our Libra wearers report great success with them as well. Strengthening Venus will almost always promote health, vitality, happiness, good relationships, creative potential, heightened intuition, sensuality, luxury living, and positive transformation. Venus is a natural benefic and the lord of the Libra ascendant’s 1st house.

While emeralds and blue sapphires can also produce good results for Libras, there are some variables to take into consideration before making the purchase of a Mercury or Saturn gemstone.

Emerald: Mercury is the lord of the Libra’s highly auspicious 9th house (dharma, divine purpose, ultimate success, higher authority, good grace, and great fortune). However, it is also the lord of their 12th house (losses, expenses, foreign lands, liberation, and enlightenment). Venus is also debilitated in Virgo, a Zodiac sign ruled by Mercury.

While we find that strengthening Mercury does tend to produce great results for Libras, sometimes it activates the clearing and liberating qualities of the 12th house in order to help the wearer achieve their highest potential. Sometimes this clearing energy comes as a surprise, especially when one first begins wearing a very strong emerald, but this experience of “tough love” is virtually always for the best. I recommend being prepared to address and let go of the old and outdated attachments in your life that no longer serve you if you are a Libra purchasing a very strong and powerful Mercury gemstone.

Emeralds produce the most directly beneficial results when Mercury is well-placed in the Libra birth chart. When Venus is well-placed too, Mercury and Venus gemstones can work together in a very immediate and auspicious way. They are stones for vibrationally compatible planets, meaning that the energetic frequencies of Mercury and Venus traditionally go quite nicely together. Mercury is frequently connected to business success for Libra ascendants. We also have reports of increased spirituality, clarity, communication ability, analytical ability, travel, and greater intelligence from Libras wearing emeralds.

If Venus is weak and afflicted, don’t jump straight to buying an emerald for Mercury. Venus should be sufficiently strengthened first with a top-quality, sattvic, powerful astrological gemstone before a powerful Mercury stone is invested in as well.

Blue Sapphire: Being a classic air sign, Libras can benefit from a gemstone that promotes grounding, focus, and self-discipline. Strengthening Saturn with a blue sapphire is a good way to achieve this. Saturn overlords the Libra ascendant’s 5th house, making it auspicious by signification.

However, the light and vibrant qualities of a Libra ascendant can become dull and depressed if too much Saturn energy is imposed upon them. This is why, if Saturn energy is desired, we recommend going somewhat light in intensity (a medium sized light blue sapphire, a very small vivid blue sapphire, or a very large amethyst are all great choices for this). More intense therapeutic doses of Saturn can be considered, but only if a great deal of seriousness, stability, and structure are needed. We recommend testing a powerful blue sapphire for 2-3 days to ensure compatibility before the purchase is formally made. (Read more about Saturn gemstones here.)

Pearls are neutral-to-positive for Libras, meaning that wearers usually report appreciation for the pearls but experience mostly insignificant changes wearing them long term. Red stones (such as rubies and red coral) are not recommended, meaning that they often irritate and inflame the Libra physiology. Yellow stones are neutral-to-negative, meaning that wearers report mostly negligible results from strengthening Jupiter with a Jyotish quality yellow sapphire, and given the cost of the investment, I believe that there are better stones to consider purchasing.

Diamonds are the primary gemstone for Libras, and should generally be a minimum of 1ct and a high degree of colorlessness/flawlessness to be effective for Jyotish. We suggest only purchasing GIA certified diamonds. Untreated white sapphires produce comparable results to diamond when they are 2ct or larger, and can often be purchased at a more affordable price point than diamonds.

Astrological Gem specializes in carrying fine, top quality, unheated white sapphires. Virtually all Libra ascendants, regardless of Venus placement, report great benefits from this type of gemstone. You can find photos and prices of our white sapphire collection here.


Tiffany April Raines is the Head of Sales at Astrological Gem International. Trained at the American College of Vedic Astrology and certified as a gemstone advisor through the Planetary Gemologists Association, she has been serving the Vedic Astrology community with research-based gemstone insight and advice for over 10 years. She can be contacted at

Please note: In order to provide the most time and best service possible for our paying customers, we are no longer able to respond to all of the requests we receive for gemstone recommendations. We welcome you instead to try our Free Gem Report if you are still in the learning and research phase of your Jyotish gemstone journey. This can be found at

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