I never collected rocks when I was young. I really never once thought about gems until one day in the summer of 1979 on the campus of Amherst Massachusetts. I was one of 3,600 people participating in a 40 day long meditation retreat. After meditating daily for six hours a

Recently, I was asked this question by a customer. The short answer is this: We are dedicated to sourcing the most potent, powerful, untreated gemstones at the very best prices possible for use in Jyotish (Vedic astrology). Our collection of gems is of the finest quality and purity available anywhere, and our prices

When shopping for an astrological gemstone, it’s helpful to understand the industry terminology used to describe the gem. Shape and cut are frequently referred to when assessing individual gemstones in the trade. The shape of a gem is usually pretty easy to identify. Standard shapes are Round, Oval, Rectangular, Square,

Libra ascendants can be fairly easy to spot. Warm, charismatic, open and generous, they’re often either the life of the party or the gracious host making sure everyone is having a great time. They’re naturally agreeable, have a refined eye, and are not afraid to express their sincere appreciation for the beautiful

In this article we’ll be discussing the best Jyotish gemstones for every Vedic rising sign to wear. Before we begin though, let’s review the most important rules of Jyotish gemstone recommendation: 1.) Strengthen your most auspicious planets first. With some exceptions, these are usually the rulers of the trikona (1st, 5th, and

There are two main methods of gemstone recommendation in Vedic Astrology. One method is to prescribe gemstones for your most benefic planets in order to produce auspicious results. The other method, which we do not recommend, is to wear gemstones for your malefic planets in an attempt to appease them or lessen

Almost every day, I receive a request for a very large Jyotish gemstone, as many astrologers believe that bigger gems automatically translate to an increase in benefits for the wearer. Browsing through my inbox, here are the size requests I’ve gotten in the past week: While we can certainly obtain gems of these sizes,

I’ve noticed over the years that our clients tend to purchase Saturn gemstones for one of two reasons: some wish to strengthen the presence of Saturn in their lives and some wish to appease or minimize Saturn’s difficult and heavy influence over them. If it’s appropriate and beneficial to do so, I like to offer the following advice. When

Yellow Diamonds are occasionally recommended as a remedy for Vedic Astrology. Understanding Yellow Diamonds means understanding the different saturation levels of yellow. The yellow color is caused by traces of nitrogen replacing carbon atoms in the molecular structure of the stone. The more nitrogen in the structure, the more vibrant

By Alison Bodhani, Vedic Astrologer and Guest Author for Astrological Gem International In order to understand the differences between gem prescription in Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology, one must first understand some of the key differences between the two systems. There is actually not a terrific amount of overlay between

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