Yellow Diamonds

Yellow Diamonds are occasionally recommended as a remedy for Vedic Astrology. Understanding Yellow Diamonds means understanding the different saturation levels of yellow. The yellow color is caused by traces of nitrogen replacing carbon atoms in the molecular structure of the stone. The more nitrogen in the structure, the more vibrant the color becomes.

A Yellow Diamond can be graded as ‘Fancy Light Yellow’ which means it has a faint yellow color. Then there is ‘Fancy Yellow’, which is still a light saturation of color. ‘Intense Yellow’ is where you get a deeper saturation of the yellow color. And the top level is ‘Vivid Yellow’. The chart shows the different ranges although, depending on your monitor, they may look a little brighter than they would appear in real life.

As you can imagine, there is a huge price variation between a Fancy Light Yellow and a Vivid Yellow because a Vivid Yellow is many, many times rarer than a Fancy Yellow. A 1ct Vivid Yellow Diamond may sell for more than 5 times that of a Fancy Yellow Diamond and about 10 times more than a Fancy Light Yellow Diamond of the same weight and clarity.

A Fancy Light Yellow and Fancy Yellow Diamond

More information on colored diamonds is available on the Gemological Institute of America website.

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