Vedic Gemology

It’s human nature to want definitive answers on abstract questions, especially when talking about esoteric concepts like Vedic Gemology. But anybody who tries to ask me if a Jyotish gemstone is “100% good” or “100% bad” for them will find that I never answer black and white questions, no matter

Sometimes I take the liberty of respectfully declining to sell to people. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it’s in the best interest of all involved. After a thorough chart analysis and a gemstone consultation, the people who probably aren’t ready to wear powerful gemstones yet (and will

A lot of people I speak to, deep in the throes of multiple astrology readings and endless late-night Googling sessions, get lost in all the conflicting opinions out there related to Vedic Gemology. Frequently I get a call from someone asking me for advice, only to receive a second call

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