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We know through analytics that many people visit our website, look at the prices of our astrological gemstones, and bounce after a couple of seconds. Many of these visitors probably think that our inventory is wildly overpriced. I certainly get this feedback all the time from people who contact me

Synthetic stones are rising in popularity as affordable, high quality gems grow increasingly hard to find. Several dealers sell lab grown gemstones for Jyotish, but do they really work? It would be wonderful if we could cut corners and find a way to get the same potent results with synthetic

Mercury Retrograde is one of the most popular (and most dreaded) planetary transits, regularly talked about in both Western and Vedic Astrology. My guess is that people notice it more than other transits because it affects our vehicles, gadgets, travel plans, computers, communication, and mental states – things that are

If you’ve ever asked me to sort out the conflicting information you’ve been given about Jyotish gemstones, you’ve likely heard me say the following thing. In fact, I say it so often, and it’s so important, I’m going to put it in really big text today: If you ask 10

Astrological Gem offers the world’s finest Jyotish gemstones with commitment to honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction. We’re passionate about bringing the right gems to the right people, always for the right purposes. Doing business with “honesty and integrity” has been part of our company’s mission statement since Jay Boyle began

It’s currently Wednesday, the astrological day of Mercury, and I’m sitting in our showroom inspecting a parcel of emeralds that just arrived. Emerald is Mercury’s primary Jyotish gemstone and Mercury rules over writing and communication in astrology. It seemed fitting to write about this experience on my iPhone as I

How do we know for certain that Jyotish gemstones really work? There are a few different ways, though it’s important to note that poor quality gemstones are never effective for these purposes. This discussion is related to pure, natural, untreated Jyotish gemstones of exceptional clarity only. Let’s review 5 ways

A common belief in the astrological community is that Jyotish gemstones diminish in effect over the years. Some people are concerned about investing in a gem if it won’t be as powerful after it’s been worn for a while. It’s time to examine this belief in further detail. Adaptation to

A “dasha” is a planetary period in Vedic Astrology. Throughout our lives we go through various cycles ruled by the planets of our Jyotish charts. There are mahadashas (main periods) and antardashas (sub-periods) and they behave somewhat like the chapters of a book. Whatever planet is ruling a dasha will offer

The Tucson Gem & Mineral Show is the largest of its kind in the United States, hosting over 4,000 vendors in several locations throughout the city every February. The two most prestigious shows we visit are not open to the general public, requiring advanced approval and identity verification to be

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