The Best Gemstones for Every Vedic Sign

In this article, we will discuss the best gemstones for each sign to wear in Vedic Astrology (Jyotish). Before we begin, though, let’s review the five most important rules of Jyotish Gemstone Recommendation:

1.) Strengthen your most auspicious planets first. With some exceptions, one’s most auspicious planets are usually the rulers of the trikona (1st, 5th, and 9th) houses.

2.) A planet with predominant rulership of an inauspicious house (6th, 8th, or 12th) will usually produce difficult and challenging results when strengthened with an astrological gemstone. It is best to chant mantras to appease these planets, or to neutralize their negative karma through direct, conscious, remedial actions and behaviors in one’s day to day life.

3.) Planets with predominant rulership of houses that bring mixed karma (2nd, 3rd, 7th, etc.) will usually produce mixed results with gems, so caution is advised with such combinations. If specific outcomes are desired from gemstones, it is best to try to obtain them by strengthening directly auspicious planets so that the most straightforward results possible will be achieved.

4.) Wear only gemstones that are natural, top quality, as close to flawless as possible, properly cut, good color, and free of significant treatments. (Read more about what makes a gemstone Jyotish quality here.)

5.) Don’t get too hung up on a suggested size or carat weight. The most important factor is always quality. Bigger gems are only more powerful if stones of equal quality are being compared. (Read more about the best astrological gemstone sizes here.)

Now let’s review the best gemstones for each ascendant, as assessed by the results our customers have experienced over the last 30 years.

(Note: Rahu and Ketu gemstones (hessonite/gomed and cat’s eye) are not recommended as a casual planetary remedies unless one is aware of the side effects that may occur from wearing them. For more information, check out our Rahu/Ketu article here.)

Aries gemstones: Aries ascendants do best with yellow sapphire for Jupiter, ruby for the Sun, red coral for Mars, and pearl for the Moon. Yellow sapphire and pearl almost always guarantee quick and auspicious results, promoting inner harmony and abundance. Red coral should be tested for side effects before purchase if the chart holder is prone to anger or aggression or if Mars is already very strong in the birth chart. Ruby should be tested for side effects if any significant planets are combust (uncomfortably close by degree to the Sun) or if Sun is already very strong. If properly prescribed, these gems are great for empowerment, strength, courage, brilliance, and success. Avoid blue stones, green stones, and diamonds.

Taurus gemstones: Diamond or white sapphire for Venus, emerald for Mercury, and blue sapphire for Saturn. Large powerful diamonds should be tested for compatibility before purchase as sometimes they can be overwhelming to the Taurus physiology. White sapphire is an earthier energy that almost all Taurus ascendants do really well with. Most report great results in areas of health, relationships, and overall success. Mercury stones almost always produce quick and beneficial results relating to good luck, income, clarity in communication, speedier mental processing, and consistent creative output. Blue sapphires can be great for spirituality and career development. They do not need to be very large to be effective for this sign. If Saturn is poorly placed in the natal chart, blue sapphire should be tested for compatibility before committing to the purchase. Avoid red and yellow stones. Pearls do little one way or another for the Taurus ascendant.

Gemini gemstones: Emerald for Mercury and diamond/white sapphire for Venus. These two gemstones almost always produce wonderful results for this sign and do even better when worn together. A very light blue sapphire can also be worn to increase focus and self-discipline. Darker blue sapphires are fine if Saturn is well-placed but should be tested for compatibility if Saturn is located in an inauspicious house. Yellow sapphire for Jupiter is somewhat neutral in effect for the Gemini ascendant, showing best results if Jupiter is well-placed or if the wearer is in their Jupiter mahadasha. Yellow topaz is often all one needs for these purposes. Pearls are mostly neutral. Avoid red stones.

Cancer gemstones: Pearl for Moon, red coral for Mars, and yellow sapphire for Jupiter. Pearl virtually always produces excellent results – the bigger the better! It promotes peace and stability in every area of life. Mars gems can occasionally produce overheating side effects, but this is almost always neutralized when the coral is worn with a pearl. When properly prescribed, strengthening Mars can take a Cancer’s career to the next level, giving them a great boost in motivation and empowerment. Yellow sapphire almost always produces auspicious results for the Cancer ascendant too, but we recommend wearing a pearl and/or a coral along with the yellow sapphire to maximize Jupiter’s benefits pertaining to the highly auspicious 9th house. Results are best when Jupiter is well-placed in the natal chart. Avoid blue stones, diamonds, and emeralds.

Leo gemstones: Ruby for the Sun, yellow sapphire for Jupiter, and red coral for Mars. Yellow sapphire almost always produces auspicious results, under any circumstances, for this sign. The results are best seen over time (abundance, growth, good fortune, return on investments) since Jupiter is a slow moving planet. Ruby and red coral usually produce the most immediate and noticeable results. They support success, brilliance, and empowerment. They work wonders when Sun and Mars are well-placed but weak by degree or otherwise in need of an energy boost. Because Sun and Mars are natural malefics, if they are already very strong or placed too close to other planets, mindfulness should be exercised in wearing large red stones because they can create overheating or pitta imbalance. Lighter red coral, or a small and sweet pinkish ruby, will be best if the Leo ascendant is particularly fiery in nature. Avoid pearls, blue stones, green stones, and diamonds.

Virgo gemstones: Diamond/white sapphire for Venus and emerald for Mercury. These gems work great when worn together and support health, clarity, career development, abundance, and loving partnerships. No other gemstones produce consistently beneficial results for the Virgo ascendant. We do not recommend blue sapphire for this sign anymore due to multiple reports of inauspicious results, likely due to Saturn’s role as a natural malefic and its predominant lordship of the challenging 6th house. They are less risky to wear of Saturn is well-placed in the natal chart, but Saturn is best appeased for a Virgo through benevolent acts of service and an authentic spiritual routine. Avoid red stones and yellow stones. Pearl is neutral.

Libra gemstones: Diamond/white sapphire for Venus, emerald for Mercury, and occasionally blue sapphire for Saturn. Strengthening Venus almost always produces great results for this sign, promoting harmony, vibrant health, and cosmic support. Emerald is great for spiritual clarity and produces the best results when Mercury is already strong in the Jyotish chart, or when Venus has already been sufficiently strengthened with a Jyotish gemstone. Mercury should not be strengthened if Venus is considerably weak – focus on strengthening Venus first in this case. Blue sapphire is best prescribed in a sweet and gentle dose. A small stone or a light/lavender blue color is helpful for spiritual growth, creative discipline, and emotional stability. Avoid red stones and yellow stones. Pearl is neutral.

Scorpio gemstones: Yellow sapphire for Jupiter, pearl for the Moon, and ruby for the Sun. Even though Mars is the ruler of Scorpio, we do not recommend red coral for this ascendant anymore. It is less risky to wear it when Mars is well-placed in the natal chart and not afflicting other planets, but Mars is best appeased by focusing on conscious healing, emotional regulation, and actively cultivating inner and outer peace. Pearls can be worn at any size, the bigger the better, to promote a sense of softness and inner harmony. They tend to work very quickly. Ruby produces best results, promoting career success and power, when Sun is well placed but weak by degree. Yellow sapphire promotes abundance, spirituality, and good luck, the results being most accurately observed over time. Avoid blue stones, green stones, and diamonds. Read an in-depth analysis of Scorpio gemstones here.

Sagittarius gemstones: Yellow sapphire for Jupiter, red coral for Mars, and ruby for the Sun. All three of these gemstones produce consistently auspicious results for this sign, though care should be exercised to not cause any pitta imbalance (overheating) in the body with excessively large or powerful red stones. Sun and Mars gems work best when these planets are weak by degree or otherwise in need of strengthening, assisting in empowerment, authority, and overall success. Yellow sapphire, or topaz, can generally be as large as desired without negative side effects. Strengthening Jupiter promotes health, spirituality, happiness, benevolence, and abundance. Avoid pearls, blue stones, green stones, and diamonds.

Capricorn gemstones: Blue sapphire for Saturn, emerald for Mercury, and diamond/white sapphire for Venus. These gemstones produce consistently beneficial results for almost all Capricorns. The benefits of blue sapphires are experienced quicker for those with a well-placed Saturn. The challenging qualities of an afflicted Saturn can be remedied with a blue sapphire too, though long-term bad habits and tendencies may take a while to reverse given Saturn’s slow moving nature, so the positive effects of blue sapphire should be studied over time. Capricorns enjoy the business success and quick mental processing that Mercury gemstones bring. Venus gems support career development as well and are uplifting and beneficial for inner creativity, children, and relationships. Avoid red and yellow stones. Pearls are neutral.

Aquarius gemstones: Blue sapphire for Saturn, emerald for Mercury, and diamond/white sapphire for Venus. The most consistently auspicious gemstone for an Aquarius ascendant to wear is diamond/white sapphire for Venus to promote emotional peace, support of nature, divine grace, loving relationships, abundance, and creative expression. Emerald can be worn to strengthen the qualities of Mercury (clarity and business success) but is best used if Mercury is already well-placed in the Jyotish chart and/or if Venus and Saturn are already strong or fortified with gemstones. Blue sapphire is best in a smaller size or gentle color, providing grounding and stability for this air sign. Pearls, red stones, and yellow stones should be avoided.

Pisces gemstones: Yellow sapphire for Jupiter, red coral for Mars, and pearl for Moon. These gemstones almost always produce auspicious results for the Pisces ascendant, but a large red coral is not recommended if Mars is already excessively strong or dominant in the Jyotish chart. It is best worn when Mars is weak and in need of assistance. Yellow sapphires and pearls can generally be as large and powerful as the wearer would like, assisting in improving virtually all areas of life. Mercury is neutral. Emerald can be worn in a light dose and is best suited if Mercury is already well-placed in the Jyotish chart. Avoid Venus stones and Saturn stones above all else.

Learn more about the 9 Jyotish gemstones, their corresponding planets, and anticipated gemstone benefits here.

View our complete collection of astrological gemstones here.


blogheadshotTiffany April Raines is the Head of Sales at Astrological Gem International. Trained at the American College of Vedic Astrology and certified as a gemstone advisor through the Planetary Gemologists Association, she has been serving the Vedic Astrology community with research-based gemstone insight and advice for over 10 years. She can be contacted at

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14 thoughts on “The Best Gemstones for Every Vedic Sign

  1. Hello sir/ Madam
    My Ascendant is Virgo raising and it is Vargottami also. (Virgo is also in Navamasha). My Moon sign is Capricorn. Saturn is retrograde and placed in third house at Ascendant where as Fifth house in Navamasha. (That is in Capricorn).

    Can i wear Blue Sapphire. Please advice me immediately.




    1. Hi Shekhar, I would probably advise against a blue sapphire, though being a Capricorn Moon (if your Moon lagna is strong) will probably offset the bad results. Possible side effects may include activating your 6th house Moon placement from the perspective of your Lagna, which could cause an increase in mental and emotional conflict. Emeralds and diamonds/white sapphires produce more consistently beneficial results for your sign, in our experience. Thanks! -Tiffany


  2. Hi Tifanny

    The recommended gemstones for each of the ascendants as discussed above can still be worn if these planets are in 6,8,12 houses or debilitated, enemy sign, retrograde



    1. Hi Shirkant, that’s a good question. The gems can still be worn if a planet is poorly placed, but we find that there is usually more old karma that needs to be resolved before the gemstones can be utilized to their full potential. If a person wears a gemstone for an auspicious well-placed planet, they will receive more auspicious results in their life. If the planet is poorly placed, the gemstone will clear this karma quickly, so it can work more effectively on building good karma in the future. It is nothing to be afraid of, just important to be aware of the process as it’s happening. Thanks for your inquiry! -Tiffany


  3. Hey Tiffany,
    Vary Nice article I want to know that Can I Wear Yellow sapphire ? My Ascendant is Pisces rising
    Jupiter in 3rd House in lagna i.e in Taurus and also Jupiter is 10th from moon lagna .
    Some site says that it will increase your Handwork and it is not beneficial to you because Jupiter in enemy sign.
    Is it so ?
    Thanks Mayank


    1. Hi Maynak,

      I see no reason why you can’t wear yellow sapphire. It should help with growth, confidence, career development, entrepreneurial endeavors, and work related to media/communications/technology. Pearl and coral are also good for your ascendant.



  4. Dear madam .I am Capricorn but my lagna loard Saturn debilitated in 4th house ..if you can please tell me which gems stone are good for me…


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