Red Coral for Mars: Properties and Benefits

Red coral, according to Vedic Astrology, is the primary gemstone for Mars. It is said to be warming and invigorating. Our red coral customers report an increase in courage, vitality, and motivation when the gemstone is properly prescribed and worn according to Jyotish criteria.

Who should wear red coral?

Strengthening Mars with red coral can be of great benefit when Mars is an auspicious planet in the gemstone wearer’s astrological chart.

Utilizing Mars energy properly can help to establish a greater sense of inner security, cultivating deep confidence and personal empowerment. This leads to stronger decision making abilities, greater leadership skills, and a quicker turnaround on achieving big accomplishments. Red coral is also reported to significantly improve athletic ability, helping wearers win games played both for fun as well as sports played professionally.

Perfect balance: Vedic red coral set with pearl

Mars is considered a natural malefic in Vedic Astrology, as it is the planet of war and battle. This energy can be utilized for the greater good, however, especially if one is physiologically weak and wishes for strength and reinforcement. Some also utilize red coral to win literal battles, such as court cases, or to sort out unhealthy power imbalances in personal or professional relationships. Aries, Cancer, Leo, Sagittarius, and Pisces ascendants report the best results with red coral. (While it may seem counter-intuitive, Scorpio ascendants generally do best when they avoid red coral. You can read our review of the best gemstones for Scorpio ascendants here.)

Our customers also report great results with pink coral, if one wishes for the uplifting and energizing energy of Mars without the overheating that can occur when wearing a deep red stone. We suspect that pink coral is a mixture of both Mars and Moon frequencies.

Many astrologers recommend pink coral for women but we have heard great reports from gentleman wearers as well – it can increase courage and confidence without increasing temper or pitta imbalance.

Become an Expert: Red Coral Buying Tips

First and foremost, astrological red coral should never be dyed. Be careful where you buy from, as 99% of the red coral on the commercial market is simply white coral that’s been dyed a red color. The coral specimen you are considering should be even and smooth in texture. Small, insignificant pits and subtle white striations on the underside are perfectly natural and normal for untreated coral, but there should be no stress fractures, cracks, or significant blemishes that would hinder the gemstone’s energetic properties.

The best red coral comes from the Mediterranean Sea. The ideal color is known as “oxblood red,” which is a deep pure red color. Because of the warming of the oceans, unfortunately, most coral these days is slightly lighter in color, and the industry has begun referring to this color as “tomato red.” It is effective for Jyotish, and found at a slightly more competitive price point than oxblood red coral, but a buyer may wish to invest in a stone of a larger carat weight to compensate for the slightly lighter degree of color.

Most fine Jyotish coral is cut into a cabochon, or a dome shape that is flat on the underside, but barrel cuts are acceptable as well (this is a cost-effective cylindrical cut that accommodates the natural shape of coral when harvested). The jewelry setting should be open in the back so that light and energy can pass through the stone when worn.

What size coral should I wear?

In general, we recommend a minimum of about 2.8-3 carats to receive tangible benefit from red coral. Larger stones are much more powerful. Most of our clients tend to purchase a gem in the 4ct range, which is sufficient but not overwhelming in its energy. Those suffering from chronic exhaustion, lack of motivation, and other imbalances indicative of a very weak Mars can often wear much larger stones with great results.

Red coral beads are also relatively common for Jyotish. Because drilling the coral reduces its power, it’s best to go as large as possible with the bead size. Most opt for 108 beads or some divisible thereof.

If a manageable amount of overheating or emotional hostility is felt when coral is first worn, be sure you are receiving enough hydration, rest, and brisk exercise to balance this new energy in the body. This usually balances itself out into a beneficial sensation within a couple of days.

How much does Vedic red coral cost? 

Prepare to spend about $80-$95 per carat for top quality undyed red coral in a standard size range, and up to $150 per carat for Jyotish-quality specimens larger than 6 carats.

You can view photos and prices of our complete red coral collection here. Custom Vedic jewelry services are also available.

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