The Nine Jyotish Gems and Their Corresponding Vedic Planets

By Tiffany April Raines, Certified Gemstone Advisor of Astrological Gem International At Astrological Gem, we see time and time again how top-quality Vedic gemstones produce significant, quantifiable results for the gemstone wearer.  These results are traditionally in alignment with the qualities of the planet that the gemstone represents.  The gemstones for Vedic Astrology channel the… Read More The Nine Jyotish Gems and Their Corresponding Vedic Planets

What Makes a Gemstone Jyotish Quality?

When it comes to buying astrological gemstones, it’s important to make an informed purchase. Because the quality of the gemstone is the primary factor in determining how effective it will be for Vedic Astrology, being able to delineate between a top-quality and a poor-quality Jyotish gemstone is very important if optimal results are desired. Determining… Read More What Makes a Gemstone Jyotish Quality?

How do Astrological Gemstones Work?

Precious gemstones have been used throughout the world for thousands of years to promote healing, fortune, and good luck. Research conducted at Astrological Gem has determined that high quality natural gemstones can significantly influence people’s lives when correctly worn for Jyotish. The right gems promote harmony, the wrong gems promote discord, and poor quality gems… Read More How do Astrological Gemstones Work?