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Selecting emeralds is hard. At Astrological Gem, we have found that it is by far the most difficult purchase of any Vedic gemstone. Becoming an expert on selecting these stones is imperative to our business and has only been achieved through examination of not hundreds but thousands of stones from

Understanding how to care for your astrological gem is an important question that we get frequently. Every type of gemstone has different chemical and physical properties that make caring for them unique. Understanding the factors that make up a gemstone will help to ensure the quality and longevity of your

Note: The quality and purity of a gemstone is directly related to its ability to produce significant results for Jyotish. This means that a gem possessing a high degree of flawlessness, no treatments, ideal color, and optimal cut will be the most powerful. The effects of wearing an astrological gemstone

Gemstones are amazing.  Most are found deep within the earth under intense heat and pressure. They are some of the most beautiful physical forms in creation exhibiting amazingly vivid colors. Only flowers can rival the beautiful colors of gemstones. But flowers last almost no time. While gemstones last, well, nearly

So your astrologer says “You need to strengthen Venus! Wear a diamond on your middle finger.” Inside you pump up and think “Diamonds, sweet, I have those earrings and that old ring from my grandmother.” Then he continues, “It needs to weight at least 1 carat, and needs to be

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jay Boyle, I’m a Graduate Gemologist and the owner of Astrological Gem. I’m a huge proponent of utilizing precious gemstones for Jyotish (Vedic Astrology), though I was a skeptic when I first entered the gem business. It wasn’t until I began testing

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