About Astrological Gem

Top quality, natural, untreated precious gemstones for Jyotish (Vedic Astrology) & Ayurveda

For over 30 years, Astrological Gem International has been connecting people all over the world with the highest quality natural gemstones available. We’re passionate about education, driven by our desire to restore truth and integrity the the Jyotish gemstone trade worldwide. It’s always our goal to provide the right gemstones to the right people for the right purposes. We take a lot of pride in our dedication to this mission.

While the well-being of our clients is something we take very seriously, we also like to have a lot of fun with this unique and rewarding job. We’re lucky to be working with one of the planet’s most precious offerings to humanity. We don’t take this blessing for granted when in service to our customers. We love to share our knowledge with people as excited about Vedic Gemology as we are, and we love to hear about the results our customers experience from the gemstones they’ve invested in. We learn just as much from you as you learn from us.

This blog is an extension of our sales website, aiming to provide an abundance of time-tested insight in the name of ethics and transparency within the Astrological Gemstone community.
Visit us at astrologicalgem.com, or call us any time at (800) 559-5090.

2 thoughts on “About Astrological Gem

  1. This is the most thorough website on Vedic astrology, gemstones and related advice. It is clearly written, easy to understand and interestingly presented. I have personally asked questions of Tiffany and she had patiently and carefully answered them all. No mumbo jumbo, no superstitious by-ways, just straightforward answers with clear explanations. I have bookmarked this website for all future uses.


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